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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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that environment, you know, it turned me back on to academics and i would not have been able to complete any of this if that academic intervention had not happened. so based on all of that, i would just like to thank board for your support and ask that you grant these two charters. thanks. [applause] >> hi, my name is martin -- i should have come first. i'm a very recent graduate from san bruno. i too have an illustrious career of crime and i did 10 1/2 months my last stay and got my high school diploma and basically i changed my path from a negative, just meandering around, no goals to -- i learned from these beautiful teachers, these
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wonderful teachers that come from the heart that taught me about altruism and compassion and things i had in idea about and i watched these very young adults learn how to -- like a few -- learn how to read and develop like a love of learning that they never had and like a -- and in this horrible situation, turns into a blessing and i would like to thank these guys and the teachers definitely and hopefully you can renew the charter. thank you very much. [applause] >> ok. so comments from the board, superintendent? i'm sorry commissioner -- vice president? >> i had the opportunity to
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attend graduation ceremony recently at five keys and it is so moving to see folks really take charge of their lives under the tutelage of very skilled teachers. i will be supporting this renewal. >> commissioner norton? commissioner norton: thank you for coming and talking to us, both of you granlts of the school. i'm so moved by what you both said. i think this is why we do what we do. this is the power of education. so thank you sheriff hennessy for starting this program and being such a champion of this program. it really is -- it is one of the things i'm very proud of that we have helped to do in san francisco. >> commissioner yi and commissioner winn? >> i know some of the other commissioners have had the chance to go visit some of the
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facilities. did this several years ago and i was completely sold. it was just an amazing -- one of the most amazing trips i've had going into something that was not expecting to happen. it was -- even though it was a short visit, every classroom, the students in there, were so attentive and so -- how do you say appreciative of what they were learning. i spoke to them. i said why are you doing this? they said you know, what we're doing, we're learning how the read and how to write and do math and actually, what we're learning today is how to balance our checking account. checkbooks and stuff. it is more practical in nature. so i -- i can't say enough about it. if you haven't had the chance to
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go visit the facilities, you aulingt ought to. as move tags two -- as moving as the two gentlemen were up here, all i want to say is i'm going to support it. also, sheriff hennessy, we need you for four more years. >> commissioner winn? commissioner winn: thank you. it has been a number of years since i've been at the school and it is time for me to go back there. i -- these are charters that i support wholeheartedly and to have by the way promoted them around the state and the nation and the reason is that i actually know that there is a place for charters and the place is for people to -- to educate people that we really can't educate in the public school system. in this case because of obvious structural differences we actually -- i mean, this idea came up because we wanted to
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help the sheriff's department meet its mandated obligation to provide educational services and we were unable to do that with the constraints that both of the sheriff's departments and the school district had. one of those wonderful ironies of -- you're required to do something but you can't do it under the rools the way they are. which is exactly the -- rules the way they are. which is exactly how the way they are how the opportunity fits. you cannot do what you must do whether it is legally mandated in addition to that has a higher demand for a moral obligation then you need some relief from those strict requirements. that is besides if it is possible to for there to be something in addition to the extraordinary work that is done and the actual impact on people's lives, the other reason that this needs to be supported is that it is exactly what charter should be. what we cannot do this way and
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what you have to have a charter to do. what you can't do without the charter. so i thank you and for the continued commitment to this and all the extraordinary work that people do and i'm very happy that we're able to do this and we have this opportunities. thank you. -- opportunity. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner maufas. >> so i've been to several graduations for five keys and every single time, you have got to know when i first started going, the room was crowded. this is true, but now you can't get in if you're late. i'm stressed if i'm running late. i'm not going to be able to get in through the back because so many families are there to see their graduates and it is just awe-inspiring. thank you to the two gentlemen who have come forward to speak. academic intervention, when
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you're on the wrong path and an academic intervention can move you to the right path. it is -- if we could do that everywhere, i can just imagine how many problems would be solved, truly solved -- it is clear to me and it must be clear to others here that there are jails and prisons who understand that they have a mandate but don't do it because it is just too difficult or don't do it because that is not the call of the day for them. sheriff mike hennessy has made education and what has now turned -- what i really agree is an academic intervention, the call of the day for his place that he oversees and that clearly speaks to what he believes in the philosophy that is prevalent with the san
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francisco sheriff's department. and commend you for that. i commend you for that, sheriff hennessy. if it was like that elsewhere, we would see it like that elsewhere and we know it is not. you know it is not because you don't hear about it and you hear about it all throughout the state and across this country, but you do not, the fact that this gentleman does that and it makes the difference in lives, not just lives over the folks that are with him, but actually our lives too because they come back to the community as educated people. ready to engage in life on a different path. and again, i cannot begin to thank you for making certain that that is embedded in the sheriff's department here in san francisco. thank you for the tour and i knew already that that was -- that it is not all the day elsewhere. i knew that already. i absolutely believe that your
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philosophy and needs to be spread. i'm grateful that he goes elsewhere because people request him to come and talk about his program. i'm glad that we here at san francisco partner with the sheriff's department. i'm -- just hearing it, -- i'm tearing. sorry. you're doing a fantastic job. [applause] >> wow. a lot of really groovey things have been said about five keys and i echo them. i had the pleasure of going out on monday to see the facility at san bruno correctional facility and actually visited the school so i really want to thank steve good and the sheriff himself for giving us so much of their time. commissioner maufas and i went out and actually, we were all very impressed. this, i think, the fact that 60%
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of the -- inmates there come from our schools and that over 80% of them come in with lower than a sixth grade education. some of them at a third and fourth grade education. so the idea that we bring education to students who have not been successful in our schools i think is not only tremendous as -- but visionary. and it is definitely a gift to everyone who is in the correctional facility that is able to partake in your program buts the will see a gift to us, san francisco unified that the students are given another chance to be successful. also it gives me very -- and i have to say commissioner maufas and i observed a science class where the students explained to us their project and quite frankly we didn't understand it, there were words we could not
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pronounce. we just kind of walked out of there like wow. we didn't know that. so you learn something every day. what i have learned is that this project, this school, it really reflects the values i think of sheriff hennessy and so commissioner maufas, when you -- mention the sheriff as a gentleman, i have to agree that that is indeed a proper description of our fine sheriff here. so -- ok. so she started this. [laughter] so i just want to say as the wife of a san francisco police officer, i felt particularly pleased to see an environment where that students are now getting a second shot at it. another opportunity and i shared this with my husband too. he was very glad too and he also
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said i met the sheriff many times. i believe this man is a real gentleman, once again. so i am happy to support this. i encourage you to work again at it and as the sheriff shared with us, it is really i think this is -- this is a product of just being very tenacious following it, being committed to it, believing that this should happen and that it does. and then also i just want to commend the sheriff also that your school is unionized. thank you very much. >> thank you. so the last -- the last graduation that i attended for five keys was actually with commissioner maufas. we actually had a seat because we were there on time this time. we had a young girl, she must have been about 2 years old, who
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swapped sitting on our laps. do you remember this? you were sitting there with us too. she sat in our laps and she just kept going from lap to lap to lap to lap and i believe it was her mother that was incarcerated and here was this 2-year-old child who was very comfortable sitting with each one of us and when her mother came up, she screamed mommy. it was one of those moments where we realized we really do have a unique school in our five keys. this evening i was like because i was writing a letter to the detroit courthouse. i was thinking about this little girl and all i could keep thinking about is what families feel when they are here and their child is incarcerated and the ability to continue their
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life incarcerated because one day they will come out and i have a nephew who is facing two to 15 jurors and he is 18 years old -- 15 years and he is 18 years old and started his own business. he wases in the wrong place at the wrong time. but they won't take that into consideration. what they will take into consideration is that he was part of this crime. and detroit doesn't have a five key school. detroit is going to see that another one of our young african-american boys stays behind jail because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. and coming here and listening to the two of you, because, you know, it is not having a rap sheet necessarily. sometimes you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time and you don't mean to do whatever it is that you're being accused of doing. so now, i am watching a family
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member. i'm on the outside. he is inside and he is shaking. he doesn't have a five keys. to support him, to get him out of jail, to get him through college, which is what his plans were. so when he gets out in either two years or 15 years, his life is going to be very different than it was six months ago. for all of the students, all of the young, particularly african-american and latino boys, that you serve and that you help and that you help bring back into our communities to be productive citizens, to be fathers and to, you know, i -- there is -- it is amazing to hear where our kids are who have gone through your program. and the two of you are just perfect example s of the changes that you can go through. so i thank you for all of the
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work that you do. i too will be supporting this amazing school and i want you to go to detroit and talk to them about what we need to do to help our students get through this really, really difficult time. so thank you. roll call, please. >> president mendoza, thank you, if we could take the items separately for the vote, please. >> the first will be the five keys independent high school. i'm sorry, let's take the five keys adult school. >> thank you. [roll call vote] >> it's unanimous. >> thank you. and let's now take item 112-sp 3. this is the five key's independent high school. [roll call vote]
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>> congratulations and thank you again for all of your hard work. [applause] >> ok. so at this time we have our next item, san francisco unified school district and san francisco county office of education residencey policy. it was already moved and seconded on february 22. both the original and substitute motions are posted in the agenda. if i hear no oxes from the board, we will ache -- objections from the board. >> you took those items out of order so you skipped a bunch of things on the agenda. >> i beg your pardon? >> the delegates report.
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and public comment. did you do that? ok. sorry. >> we're moving along. so we haven't done general -- general -- nothing was pulled. ok. so we're moving along. we're on track. so the report from the rules this is on the residency policy. there was four items on the
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superintendent's proposal. we have four action items. we are on the fourth item. we just need a report back from the rules committee on the residency policy. >> i'm sorry, i was thinking i was needing to do that. the rules committee met on march 14th and reviewed well articulated residency policies which basically institutionalizes the manner in which the district has been operating. that the rules governing the policy is what the practice has been but just as it clarifies and makes clear what the rules are, what substantiates residency and in the discussion, i think committee members really urged that we publicize this policy and take
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every opportunity to make sure that there is a full understanding of our residency policy. and >> we need a reading of the recommendations by the superintendent's office. >> good evening. the san francisco county of education residency policy. the requested action is that the board of education of the school district approved the residency policy.
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>> ok, we have a few public speakers for this. ok, we have terence young, bill chu, and christopher rose. if you will come up and identify yourselves. you have two minutes. >> good evening. i am resident of mission terrorists, i believe that the
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board should reconsider and should send back for further work the proposed residency policy. as has been said, this does apparently appear to duplicate the practice that has been going on, has been implemented over the years in the hundreds of students who have been expelled based on a residency policy. as it is written, my feeling about it is that it tends first to redefine residence in the face of hundreds of years of american jurisprudence and redefine what it means to be the resident of a city. it is and proper in doing that. moreover, it does not protect
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the students who are subject to it. this does not give them due process, in particular, in connection with the repeal rights. you have the ministry of employees who are making decisions about what the facts are and then the appeal goes to those same people who can merely say as is the practice now, well, we have reconsidered and everything is as it should be. that is not up at all with what the due process rights of our of the students of this district. it is very clear tonight to me that you cared deeply about the effect of your policies on the students. this has been a pleasure to
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watch. you should not adopt this policy, send it back to improve the due process provisions. thank you. >> thank you. >> i am a san francisco resident. i will skip some of the things that he said. first, i want to applaud the effort to put something in writing that is specific and clear. on the surface, this seems pretty clear. when i started reading this document, it raised a lot of concerns for me. some version of it seems to have been applied to 700 students already without it actually being a clear explicit policy.
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secondly, i have some concerns about the money that might have been expended in the attempt to either expel or expelled -- suspend the students. there is terms like season of reposed, only one resident. i don't know if that is a fact or law about continuing to ride in san francisco. i have never - dated address when i am not at school or work. temporary residence for the sole purpose of going to school. i wanted to give you a few examples that are all real. imagine a family in iceland that decided that they really want their kids to go to school in san francisco. they come and buy a condo here, they put their kids in school, they live here throughout the school year and they stay here
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for 20 years. the kids go through school and either they stay here all move back to iceland. under this policy, there is kids would be expelled. someone who rents here and they buy a house and stockton because they're cheap and spend every weekend there. are they residencts? finally, someone who becomes homeless. i have other scenarios that are sticky and they don't meet the spirit of what you are trying to do. i have one final suggestion which is a suggestion for teachers, people that come in here from daily city. they spend five days a week teaching our kids.
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there should be an exception like that for a lot of them. i don't have time to get into them. thank you. >> thank you. >> i spoke at the meeting last time and i ran out of time so i want to keep it short in terms of the issues. the first thing that comes to mind is due process. one of the components is notice. before anyone in the u.s. can be accused of a crime, there has to have been notice that what they're about to do is criminal. hear, by proposing that this policy be adopted is just a naked it mission that yeah not had a policy. -- admission that you have now had a policy.
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this is the place where one remains when not called elsewhere for any other purpose for which he or she returns and seasons of ripostes. i don't see that in this century useful. i respect the board and i learned a lot last time. tonight was really impressive and really changed my attitude so why change what i had to say based on your reactions and a better insight into your considered reasoning. my recommendation is to take the policies as proposed. start over with some community input. you are rewarding people and giving them a second chance but your policy targets their parents and punishes children. it will create problems because it kicks people out before they have a chance.
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i see that at a complete crossroads. as a senator city, san francisco understands not punishing the children for the crimes of the parents whether the crime a small or large. yet this institutionalizes the exact practice. you identified parents that might have moved here without granting them due process and the state is not have the labor authority to expel anyone. right now, the district offices are illegally expelling students without the ability to do so. your rulings can be appealed in court. this is so flawed, i don't see the point into getting into the weeds of a fortune cookie rules. it needs to be written with the office of it ministry of laws in sacramento


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